Our New Medical Device Reprocessing Department

The role of the Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD) is to decontaminate, inspect, maintain, and sterilize medical devices.

The MDRD has distinct and separate work areas based on the services provided.

This includes areas for receiving contaminated devices, decontamination of medical devices, preparation and packaging, sterilization and storage.

MDRD provides these services to all areas within the Hospital but has a particular focus on the Surgical Suites, Emergency Department, and Women & Children’s Department.

Fast Facts

  • MDRD operates 18 hours a day, five days/week, and eight hours/day on weekends
  • Provides service for over 8,500 surgical cases annually
  • Approximately 5, 700 surgical case carts are assembled, dispatched and retrieved per year


  • Closely located to key services to improve efficiencies
  • Centralized traffic flow and design for containment of contaminants generated during reprocessing
  • Separate elevators for transporting soiled and clean items
  • Restricted access and one-way workflow


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