Current Needs

The St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation was established to assist with funding needs of STEGH. Equipment, educational endeavours for nursing staff, and assisting with some of the physical upgrades to the facility have always been priorities for the STEGH Foundation and for the overall healthcare needs of our patients … and that need will continue.

Supporting the CICU with a new Patient Bed!

As you can imagine the Cardiac and Intensive Care Unit (CICU) is a place of action. Each year we help nearly 700 patients from our region – your family, friends and neighbors – through what for many is the most difficult time of their lives.

The one piece of equipment we need right now never seems to get its due; despite its lifesaving impact … it’s a bed. Not just any bed – the new patient bed is a high-tech, lifesaving home – a place that cradles, protects and actively cares for our patients during the days, weeks and even months, they are with us.

Right now, we’re forced to rent this critical equipment. At a cost of more than $40,000 this bed is not cheap, but its value to our sickest patients is priceless. In fact, it might just be the most underrated piece of equipment in the CICU.

We intend to purchase through your support – are specialized and designed to meet the specific needs of different patients. In fact, this critical care bed should be classified as a life-saving piece of equipment in its own right. It has special features, which gently turn and shift patients into different positions – even standing upright when required!

Moving a patient in this manner can help prevent bedsores, potentially fatal blood clots in the legs, and reduce the chances of a patient developing pneumonia – serious threats to many who are bed-bound and extremely ill. The bed can also read the patient’s weight at the push of a button – essential when calculating the right dose of medication and analyzing fluid intake.

The new specialized patient bed can also move patients gently into positions to simplify different procedures. It has sensitive alarms to alert our nurses when a patient is trying to get out of bed unassisted, and a specialized self-drive feature, like a self-propelled lawnmower, that can gently and carefully move the patient to other areas of the hospital when needed.

Each year at the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital, we replace a percentage of our beds to help ensure we keep pace with new technology while maintaining a standard level of comfort for all our patients. However, sometimes special priority needs arise that must be addressed immediately – like the new CICU patient bed.


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