About the Foundation

Since 1985, our community has stood should to shoulder in support of the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation.  During this time we have invested more than $25 million in our award-winning facility.

The Foundation itself delivers a donor-centric philanthropic experience, one that recognizes the diverse giving motivations of individuals, foundations, and good corporate citizens.

Indeed, the quality of care that the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital offers today, can at least partly be credited to the philanthropic generosity of donors past.

Ultimately, we work with donors to ensure that the patient care our families and friends deserve, during each visit, at every stage of life, and as close to home as possible.

Contact us today to invest in OUR Hospital.

DCC – Donor Centred Care

Lesson 1: It’s not about STEGH.  Although, that’s important.

Lesson 2: And it’s not about the STEGH Foundation.  Although, that’s important too.

Lesson 3: Rather, it’s about empowering donors to improve the quality of healthcare in their own community.

Lesson 4: Their motivations are not numbers, awards or recognition.

Lesson 5: No, their motivations are family, friends, and inevitably, themselves.

Lesson 6: The Foundation is simply a conduit for these motivations and must be innovative, efficient and impactful in the face of such trust.

In addition, the STEGH Foundation – the members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and staff work together to:

  • Conduct wide-ranging fundraising programs to support these needs;
  • Recognize donors;
  • Ensure proper management and allocation of donated funds; and
  • Follow the AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards as well as the Donor Bill of Rights

The St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a charitable organization (Registered Charitable # 89081 6846 RR0001) and diligently follows their reporting requirements.


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